Unseen world of product development

You don’t get to see product development that often do you? We were super thrilled to get to peek into the world behind chicken products with our client Kariniemen. Our goal was to make unseen seen, create a documentary that shows how the new chicken products are born. We are pretty proud of being on the forefront of helping Finnish companies to become more transparent and responsible brands.

We planned how to make it a true evidential documentary that puts the viewers in the position of those, who actually create new chicken innovations and products. We created an open online invitation for people to  apply to become a part of Chicken Squad. Two nice Finnish food loving ladies, Coco and Agatha, turned into true members of Kariniemen Chicken Squad (Kanapartio), to be part of our story.

Kariniemen Kanapartio maistelee

On the day of the shoot we travelled to Eura and filmed through the day with Coco and Agatha. We captured every moment of their chicken innovation journey. For the ladies it was a bit of a surprise to get to be part of Kariniemen product development staff for the whole day. Coco and Agatha came up with some wonderful ideas that the professionals at Kariniemen recognized immediately as developable innovations.


This is once again an evidence how much we at REPUTATION Helsinki love food and creativity. Great combination. Final edit, animations and all post production happened here at our office at Sugar Bay.

Read also Kariniemen blog about the production (In Finnish)