Everyday food exellence

What to eat today? How to cook easy everyday meals? Need some tips for the weekend dinners?
Our effective, versatile production team helps Ruokakesko´s K-Supermarket retail chain on a daily basis.
K-Supermarket retail chain is responsible for the nationwide marketing and the individual K-Supermarket shop keepers carry out local campaigns and offer local products.
Together we inspire and serve Finnish families, food lovers and home chefs.
Just look what we do daily, weekly and at the big campaign level.

Retail chain weekly catalogue

Nationwide price campaign

Shopkeepers individual campaigns

Local and nationwide DOOH

AUSTRALIA BBQ – Do it like they do it down under -campaign

Campaign elements:
Posters, several different sizes
Floor stickers
Shop shelf spiekers
Price highlighter
Shop shelf posters
Shop shelf tapes
Shop shelf side wall
Beverage shelf posters
Spice shelf posters
Freezer cabinet tapes
Cook’s pinny
Canvas bag
Shopping dealer
Newspaper ad’s
Digi banners
IG pictures